At Snappy Paws we believe that quality pet care should not break the bank, we pride ourselves in providing reliable services at a fair price. For that reason we don't have any hidden fees or charges. Need to cancel the night before a walk or add a walk the morning of? Not a problem! We understand that with hectic lives, schedules change and sometimes adjustments need to be made. With Snappy Paws any schedule changes made by 9 am the morning of service are at no additional cost.


Regular Walking Hours MOnday-Friday 9am-4pm


Standard Walk 

25 min Private Walk

Our Walker will spend a full 25 min with your pet. They will ensure that your pup has ample time to sniff neighborhood smells and get plenty of exercise. After time exploring outside our walkers give pups fresh water and a treat if allowed.                                                  

$16 per walk minimum two weekly visits

$3 charge per additional household dog



Potty Break

15 min Puppy*

Perfect for puppies who need a little extra TLC. Our walkers will run puppies out for two fifteen minute visits, give them fresh water and a treat if allowed. Visits are scheduled closer together to give puppies the more frequent attention that they need.  

$22  Two visits, two day a week minimum

*For puppies under 12 mo.






vacation care

In Home Overnight Service

One of our walkers will take care of your pet/s and your home. Pamper your pooch with plenty of one on one attention. Walks, feedings, mail brought in, plants watered and end of stay note to client.

$70 per night

$105 per holiday night (subject to availability)

$10 per additional dog

$5 per cat or other pet



Cat Care

Kitty Visit

We will feed your cat, change water, scoop litter, leave a detailed note, and most importantly LOVE them!  

$16 Monday-Friday 20 minute visit

$22 Saturday-Sunday or Evening 20 minute visit

$3 per additional cat or other pet




Senior Dog Care

15 min Elder/Ailing Dog Visit

We will help your aging pup get out and relieve themselves while providing compassionate and meaningful care. If your dog needs medication we will carefully administer and monitor your pup's status while keeping you updated with daily notes. In special situations our Snappy Paws owner or manager will text or call and follow up personally on your pet's health status.

$14 per 15 min period

$3 per additional dog





Additional Pet Services

Even More Services

Count on us to provide support during life's varied situations. Long day at work? We can do an evening walk. Does your dog need dinner while you are away at a concert or special event? A walker will come and feed your pup. If a walker is available Snappy Paws will come walk your dog on major holidays. In a pinch a staff member will even take your dog to the vet or groomer.

$22 M-F evening and weekend visit for one to two dogs 

$30 major holiday visit

$20 per hour pet transport

$10 additional fee for same day evening visit requests and weekend visit requests made past noon on Friday