How do you choose your walkers?

All of our walkers undergo an extensive vetting process. Once an individual has been selected our owner personally interviews each and every candidate. After a successful interview we send them on shadow walks with a veteran walker to further identify whether or not the person is a good fit.

how do i initiate services?

Please fill out our form on the contact us page or give us a call and we will be happy to set up a meet and greet. Our owner will come and meet with you and your animal personally to discuss your pet's needs, fill out forms, retrieve two sets of keys and discuss any other concerns you may have while allotting time for you to meet your new walker. There is no fee for the meet and greet. We look forward to welcoming you and your pup to the Snappy Paws family.

Am i charged if i cancel the day of?

Same day cancelations must be made by 9 am in order to receive full credit for the visit. Any cancelations made after 9 am will be billed at the full visit rate.

will my dog be walked alone?

We do not do pack walks! All dogs are walked individually, unless they live in the same home.

will my dog be walked at the same time everyday?

We will always schedule your dog's walk within a consistent pre-selected two to three hour time window. We will try our best to arrive close to your preffered visit time, if you have one, but we are unable to guarantee a specific time due to the constant variables associated with dog walking. Traffic, construction, weather and schedule changes are all factors that make it unrealistic to guarantee a specific daily time. 

can i contact my walker directly?

We believe that our walker's only job is to take care of your precious fur baby. Schedule changes, cancellations, requests, issues or concerns should all go through our owner or office manager and not your walker.  This policy ensures that each and every client's issues are being properly addressed, while not overwhelming our walkers. 

what happens in extreme weather?

Safety is our main priority at Snappy Paws! When temperatures are dangerously hot or cold our walkers will still visit with your dog. Pups are taken out and given the opportunity to relieve themselves then led back inside for playtime and snuggles for the remainder of the visit.

how will you access my house everyday?

We require that you provide two sets of keys to your home. The walker will only be permitted to use your keys in service of your pet.  The second set of keys will be filed away in a secure location in case of an emergency or lock out. No identifying information other than your pet's name is used to label keys for your security.

When is Payment for services due?

All services are on a prepay basis.  You will receive an electronic invoice monthly that will be sent at the end of the month before payment is due. Payment is always due within the first week of the month. You may leave out a check and your Snappy Paws walker will remit it to us or we also accept electronic payments via Zelle.

HOw will i know if my walker came to do the visit?

Please leave a notebook out for your walker to leave a note daily. We will let you know how your pup did on the walk along with the date and time. We will always make note of any concerns like runny stool or accidents in the home. Our owner or office manager will contact you if any concerning issues arise during your pet's visit.

Will i have the same walker everyday?


All of our walkers are on permanent routes so your pup can form a special bond with them and wont be confused by a different person everyday.  Our walkers get to know your pets and their habits so that they can provide the best care possible.  In the event that your walker is out sick or on vacation your pet will be cared for by our trainer who has met and walked with all of the dogs on our service or a fill in walker.