We understand how stressful it can be to leave your pet home alone during a long work day or while out of town. Through years of hands on experience our staff has amassed a vast wealth of knowledge and are always available to answer questions and help address all pet related issues. At Snappy Paws clients are more than just a number on a key, we specialize in providing professional custom pet care. It is important we get to know each and every one of our clients and their pets personally in order to provide care tailored to the needs of each home. 


At Snappy Paws we have distinguished ourselves in providing quality personalized pet services for each of our clients for over twelve years.

Meet Our Snappy Paws Team

Our management staff takes great care in recruiting the ideal person to add to our team because we are adamant about providing the absolute best pet care. In order to ensure we hire highly qualified individuals who are passionate about animals, all of our team members are vetted and background checked.


Owner and Founder

Hi, my name is Carla and I am the extraordinarily proud owner of this amazing company!  I started this company over ten years ago after not feeling satisfied or fulfilled in my culinary career.  It became increasingly difficult to find a job that would allow any decent quality of life outside the workplace. At the time, I was a single parent to three small children and wanted to be home for them and our four legged fur babies as much as possible. I wanted to make a difference, help make people's lives simpler and have their minds be less burdened. I wanted to focus these efforts and provide services to the neighbors and the neighborhood I have resided in for the past twenty six years, the far Northwest Side.  This train of thought led to the birth of  Snappy Paws. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love dogs. I have never been able to resist stopping to pet any dog walking my way. I will even go out of my way to pet a dog that catches my eye.   

After much research it became apparent that the far Northwest side was in need of a professional, reliable, flexible and consistent service. I decided to put my management, customer service skills and keen organizational prowess to work  and dove head first into Snappy Paws! Backed by a team of rock star walkers we deliver amazing services to our clients at a fair price. We provide services comprised of loving and caring individuals dedicated to caring for this community's pets. We believe people and their pups aren't just a number on a key, but part of a family. Snappy Paws was the first to bring dog walking services on this scale to the far Northwest Side. We have expanded our service area over the years to encompass much of the Northwest Side and remain true to our mission.

You will find me to be an extremely consistent, reliable, fair, and loving person. I will always treat you and your pet as I would wish to be treated myself. I will love your four legged friend almost as much as you do!  I am flexible and will work with you to make certain your pet's needs are being met. I welcome your questions and am always happy to chat about any advice you need regarding your pet or to just lend an ear.

Caring for you pet is an honor I am proud to have and I thank you for the opportunity to work together.




Pack Leader

Hi my name is Gloria, I was born and raised  in the city of Chicago and studied Spanish and Latino/a Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I am incredibly fortunate to spend most my days bonding with dogs and working with our awesome walkers. I began my journey with Snappy Paws as a walker and soon fell in love with the entire experience. Aware of my background in team building and management our founder approached me about putting those skills to work in managing and training Snappy Paws' walkers. Together Carla and I fine tuned our training protocol and I set out to meet each and every dog on Snappy Paws service. I couldn't be happier combining my love for animals with my leadership and training skills. I have two rescue Pitbulls named Neyo and Sasha and have had multiple dogs since childhood. I love working with Snappy Paws and spending quality time with your pets. I have enjoyed meeting so many awesome dogs, cats, and other pets. In addition to my love for animals I have a passion for art and sustainable design. Most weekends you can find me in my work shop building/refurbishing old furniture and jewelry with my pups by my side. I look forward to continuing to be loved and inspired by your furry friends.


Office Manager

Hi, Kristin here! I’m a Chicago native from Logan Square. It's always been a dream of mine to work with animals. You’re most likely to find me on the floor playing with a pooch in any setting. In my free time, I enjoy reading & watching TV, usually while cuddling my pitbull. Scrap-booking is a favorite hobby of mine too!

I came to Snappy Paws in December 2015 after some soul searching and a much needed break from corporate life. It was like a breath of fresh air spending my days outside with the pups and so different from the office life I had grown used to. I instantly fell in love!! Ready to put some of my business skills back to use, I was thrilled at the opportunity to play a bigger role as Office Manager for this great small business. The best parts about this gig? From time to time I’ll still get to go out and walk dogs as a fill-in and I get to spend more time at home with my fur baby, Capone!




I'm Allen! I'm from the 'burbs but I recently moved to Chicago with my wife. I have two cats, Victor and Zelda, a hamster named Geoffrey, and a fish named Mr. Monk. No dogs (soon, hopefully!) but not until we move to a different place. I love being around dogs, always have, so it's very exciting to have the opportunity to work with Snappy Paws!

I can't wait to hang out with your dogs!.



Sarah is a music maker with a passion for pups! She has had furry family members and friends for her entire life and loves animals to her core! After earning a degree in neuropsychology from Illinois Wesleyan, she found her path in the arts, as she is wrapping up her first self-produced LP. She also does freelance design work and teaches music production to aspiring music makers. Sarah has completed two full courses in puppy training and has years of experience caring for dogs as well as cats, rabbits, and rats. Her studies in animal learning and behavior at university have also enriched her understanding into the way dogs think and react. She is CPR certified and has experience caring for dogs with medical conditions as well. So if your pups have special needs, they are in good hands! She is so excited to spend her days with your canine companions!!



Hi everyone!  My name is Steph!  I’m from Bloomington, Il but decided to trade in the small town life for the big city life!  I grew up always having dogs around.  I currently have an adorable and loving Staffordshire terrier named Quincy.  She is my life.  I decided when I moved to Chicago that I wanted to share my time with other furry friends as well!  Aside from Snappy Paws and hanging with my pup I am studying for my personal training certification.  I also LOVE to sing and play guitar.   I’m excited to share the love with your furry family member!



Monica here! I just moved to Portage Park from Miami, FL ! I am 25 years old and love Jazz singing in my free time! I am currently finishing up my bachelors degree in Psychology, I hope to open a center for Alternative Therapy through the Arts. I came looking for new experiences here in Chicago and I am so thankful that I found my Snappy Paws family. I don't currently have any dogs, but growing up I had a Golden Retriever named Princess and a Dachshund named Lucy, after Lucille Ball, who was my idol since I was a little girl! I am so happy that I can get my doggy-fever out with all of your cute babies!




Hi, I'm Emily. Originally I am from Tennessee but have lived in the big city for a little over a year. My love for pups goes back as far as I can remember with my first best friend being my giant shepherd Hoss. In my free time I like to work on my car and be with family. I absolutely love working for Snappy Paws because I have gotten to meet not only amazing people but awesome pups as well.




Hello I'm Bob. I am a native of Northwest Chicago. I've lived most of my adult life in the northwest suburbs and recently moved back to Elmwood Park. I attended Loyola University where I received a BA and have held several management positions. I've had various critters such as rabbits and guinea pigs as pets. I enjoy having my son's Puggle, Chunk, as a house guest from time to time. In my spare time I enjoy playing online word games with other players throughout the world. I continue to follow most of our sports teams though not as avidly as I used to.   



Hi, I’m Scott! I live in Albany Park with my partner and our wonderful pup, Cooper. I didn’t grow up with dogs, but now I get to make up for lost time by taking care of and walking every dog I can. When I’m not out with a canine companion, I’m getting by as a freelance writer, penning video game reviews and short fiction. I look forward to meeting and loving your pets, with the bonus of making my own pupper adorably jealous when I come home smelling like other dogs.



Hi, I’m Michael!

I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life and I currently reside in Portage Park. I have grown up around dogs and cats and currently have a sprite, senior lady boxer named Daniella. I worked with Snappy Paws back in 2015 and took a break so that I could go back to school and finish up my degree. Now that I’ve graduated from NEIU with a BA in Philosophy and a 4.0 GPA I’m ready to pick up right where I left off! While in school I continued working as a dog walker and also a dog handler part-time, where my experience with animal care was able to flourish even more. I look forward to working with you and all of your furry family members!




Hi I’m Abbey! I have lived in Chicago for the past 6 years and grew up nearby in the burbs! I have my degree in Architectural Studies from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduation, I became a graphic designer, and eventually transitioned to painting! I now teach painting classes and still do some design work! I’ve had the pleasure of living with and caring for many different dogs, and finally got my own pup 3 years ago!  Macks my dog, is 6 years old now, and he has made me realize my passion for dogs, and other furry friends! I love all dogs, big and small and want to meet, and pet as many of them as possible! I can’t wait to get to know your amazing dogs and give them the best care possible!





My name is Delaney and I am 23 years old. I live in the Portage Park area with two dogs and a cat of my own. I began dog walking at a young age for my grandmother at $1/walk. When I graduated high school, I became a dog walker for about four years. I stopped to get a job in my career field and now I am back because I missed the dog walker life terribly! Currently, I am going to school for Garden and Landscape Design and will be done within the next year. I look forward to meeting some new furry friends!



Hi, my name is Niko. I’ve lived in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs my whole life, currently living in Albany Park. I’ve had several dogs growing up, my current dog is a Shih Tzu named Rylo. I am really excited for the opportunity to get to know your pups and be a part of the Snappy Paws team! 



Hi I’m Gigi! I’m from Brooklyn, NY and I made my way to the Windy City back in 2012 for my career in environmental science and marketing. Exploring and having an amazing time socializing with pups is one of the main reasons I love dogs so much! I started my journey in dog walking about 2 years ago and it’s no better experience than seeing a happy pup having a great time. Aside from dog walking, I like to play tennis, travel and explore around with my camera. I know the pups will love the outdoors just as much as I do so I can’t wait to have an amazing time hanging with your furry babies!


My name is Sharon Rodriguez. I was born and raised in Chicago.  Graduated from UIC with a bachelors in Spanish-Economics. I have two dogs of my own a yorkiepoo, Coquito and apoodle, Princess.  My hobbies include salsa dancing and weight training. I'm looking forward to sharing my energy with the Snappy Paws team and your adorable pets!




Hi! My name is Elias but you can call me Eli for short. I am a twenty-three year old entertainer (musician) and Chicago native from the north side. I’ve been around dogs and cats my entire life and am currently the proud parent of a Toy Rat Terrier named Oreo. I am so excited to be a part of the Snappy Paws team and am really looking forward to caring for your precious pups! 



Hi I’m Tatiana. 

I’ve lived on the Northwest side of Chicago my entire life. Dogs have always had a huge part of my heart. Growing up with dogs I knew life wouldn’t be the same without one; So currently I’m living with my Pitbull Oreo and my Weimaraner Lab mix Riley, and they have changed my life for the better with their crazy personalities! Not only do I enjoy being active but I’m enjoying the change from retail management. Being able to do something you truly enjoy is something not easily found, but when I found SnappyPaws I knew it was going to be a great start to a new change of pace.